How Much Does HGV Training Cost?

When considering whether you want to start training to become an HGV/LGV driver, the cost will obviously be a major part of your decision. We can break down these costs to allow you to decide when you will be ready for the next step. Working through the HGV/LVG licence training takes multiple steps as they are all broken up in to sections. The cost of the HGV training is broken down as follows. First you have the course details, then secondly the test fees and finally the course training costs. The course details are the cheap part which involves your medical examination along with covering areas such as knowing your road signs and knowing the Highway Code. The second part of your HGV training costs around £250 which includes all your test costs. The final and the biggest cost of your HGV/LVG training is your course fees. The price of the training includes paying for the instructor however and then you also need to choose your course. Whether it is the class C or Class C+E HGV training course, it can cost in the region of £850.

Cost of medical for HGV/LGV licence?

Doctors, like supermarkets, vary their prices considerably, if you visit our Company Doctor at Pilgrims Way Surgery, Dartford. The medical cost for your HGV/LVG licence will cost £45, this is substantially cheaper than many other practices charge. One thing to consider is that it is the law to be in good enough health to operate a HGV licence and vehicle. The cost of the medical for your HGV/LGV licence covers two sections. Medicals will start with a interview with a doctor to go through any medical conditions you may have. This way they can assess your medical history and start to work out if you can be a candidate to receive your HGV licence. The final part of your medical will be the physical examination which will cover an array of tests. Following this the doctor will then send your medical information to the authorities to determine the final decision.

Cost of HGV/LVG licence?

At last some good news! Once you have taken your medical the DVLA on receipt of your old HGV/LVG licence, application and medical forms give you a category C Provisional entitlement at no cost. Course costs for your HGV/LVG licence vary for different licences. The C licence (rigid) tends to cost around £995 onwards for your licence whereas the price of a CE licence (Artic) can be £1295 onwards. It is important to note that your theory or hazard perceptions tests are not included in the cost of your HGV/LVG licence.

LVG/HGV theory test price?

When you have received your Category C provisional licence the next step is to undertake the theory tests. The price of your HGV/LGV theory test covers two different tests. First you must undertake the multiple choice test which has around 100 questions that last for 115 minutes. The second part of the theory test is your hazard perception where you will be shown 19 videos in which you will have to spot the hazards in different scenarios. The hazard perception and theory test is taken at a DSA approved test centre and the price is around £26 for the theory test and a further £11 for the hazard perception test. You should allow a further £15 for a CD rom with which to study for these tests. There are theory tests also available on popular websites like and they are all a similar price.

LVG/HGV driver training cost?

Now you come to the easy part, as soon as the hazard perception and theory tests are behind you the next step is your practical driver training. We believe that more than 4 hours training per day is too much, so we offer a 5 day course giving you 4 hours per day which includes one to one tuition, taking your DSA Category C (Class 2) test on the last day for a special price of £950.