Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

Nobody likes the CPC but since September 2014 virtually all drivers of LGV’s require this qualification. Depending on your age and when you passed your test will determine how you can obtain this qualification

For those people who already hold the C1 ( 7.5 tonne ) this will be by way of what is known as periodic training, you will be required to complete 35 hours of classroom based tuition, taken in 5 lessons of 7 hours before you can drive lawfully. Once you have completed the initial training, you will be covered for the next 5 years during which time you would carry out further training to ensure continuity of your qualification.

Those that don’t have the C1 qualification will need to obtain their CPC by way of taking module 2 a written test and then module 4 which is a practical test. Module 2 is a test of your understanding of situations that can arise during your life as an LGV driver, the questions will cover points raised in case studies found in ‘The Official DSA Guide to Driving Large Good Vehicles’. This can be obtained from all good booksellers or online at Ebay or Amazon. The test will be taken at one of the theory test centres, on passing this you will then be ready to take the module 4 part of the qualification. We offer you a 4 hour package that will include a 2 hour lesson to demonstrate the skills you need to pass the test, including vehicle safety and security inspections and various methods of securing the load. Normally at the end of this lesson we would go straight for your module 4 test in the lorry, you will not be required to drive the lorry for this test.

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You can check whether you require the Driver CPC by visiting the Government Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) site