So you now want to move on and obtain your Class 1 licence, first you must hold a class 2 licence (cat C), you are unable to  go directly for Class 1 training.

When you pass the Class 2 test your examiner will offer to send your licence to Swansea for you, this will ensure that your Category C is added to your licence. When you receive your new licence you will see that the DVLA have added provisional entitlement for Cat C + E and once you have this you are ready to train.

The Class 1 training course is again spread over 5 days, allowing you 4 hours one to one training and taking your test on the last day.

The course teaches you not only to drive safely but the skills required to reverse an articulated lorry and also how to unhitch and re-couple the trailer.


As soon as you have passed your test you will need to decide what sort of job you are looking for. Many firms ask for experience, however a stint working for an agency will give you this experience and introduce to opportunities to work full time with their clients.

While not all Class 1 jobs are long distance, many are so you may need to be prepared to spend a night or two away from home. Supermarket delivery drivers are usually back to the depot each day and with many distribution centres in our area are a large employer of Class 1 drivers.